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Variable Product
Bounding Box
Customer Image Upload
Facebook/Instagram Photos
Flat Layout
Semantic Layout
Start Customizing Button
  • Customize
    User can add own photos and text or choose from offered designs.
  • Customize
    Bagde Pin
    Overlay image with a transparent area is used as mask.
  • Customize
    User can only customize the cup with one text and offered designs.
  • Customize
    iPhone Case
    User can customize the product in a lightbox.
  • Customize
    Photo Frames
    User can add photos only via upload zones.
  • Customize
    This demo has the "Start Customizing" button enabled.
  • Customize
    User is able to add a text and an image in a defined area.
  • Customize
    Design a 12-months calendar with custom photos.
  • Customize
    Business Card
    User can upload an own image and add/modify text elements.
  • Customize
    Sneaker (MSPC)
    Variations are interacting with the product stage.

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Product Builder

The plugin comes with a specially built product builder. It helps you to create your customizable products as simple as with Photoshop.  You can use it to assign the properties and behaviors of the image and text elements in your customizable products. 

Tons of Options & Parameters

Adjust the settings for your business and choose between different options, e.g. skin, layout, dimensions etc.. Its in your hand what kind of media types can be added and how these can be modified. You can even translate all labels in your language.

Retrieve customized products

You can easily retrieve all of the customized products in the order details. The order viewer has helpful tools to export the products as either images or pdfs. You can even export single elements as images in different formats including png, jpeg and svg.

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  • Excellent and very powerful product designer plugin. Very well integrated with Woocommerce for WordPress. Simple to understand and well organized functionality. Kevin Galuszka
  • Unique, the only word i can say. There isnt any development like this one. Definitely Must Buy.  Leon
  • What a FANTASTIC plugin. Well thought out. DB Backend with order tracking and editable saved designs. Its the whole thing. Im using svgs with it. Thanks.dmort59
  • Just a quick note to say thank you! to Radykal for its responsiveness and availability I am very happy with this plugin thank you Pascal Pascal Polgen
  • Very nice addon. Thanks to its good integration with WordPress/WooCommerce, it’s easy to use and set up. Author’s support is very responsive. hidabe
  • Was a little bumpy at first in installing because of my tons of other plugins.. but Rafael was amazing and fast to help. This plugin has terrific functionality in the front end and in the order panel.. WOW. A great lil tool for extra income on retail sites!! THANK YOU bitofgrace
  • Great plugin that fit my project perfectly. Customer support is also excellent as I got stuck on some things and they helped me along. I highly recommend this plugin. rngeer