Web to Print solution &
Product Configurator

Web to Print solution &
Product Configurator

Create and sell any kind of customizable product.

Fancy Product Designer will enable you and your customers to design and customize any kind of product. Limited only by your imagination it gives you absolute freedom in deciding which products and which parts of the product can be customized.

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A great thing about the Fancy Product Designer, is that it is not limited to just one, or even a mere handful, of products. Our plugin can be applied to almost any type of product ranging from t-shirts and baseball caps to greeting cards and mouse mats!

Online Designer App

Design any kind of product

Transform any product with our versatile tool, offering complete customization freedom. Design apparel, accessories, and more with an intuitive interface that combines all essential features into one seamless solution. Bring your unique visions to life effortlessly.

Advanced Colour System

Elevate designs using our advanced color picker tool, granting users the freedom to select any shade or choose from a curated palette for each layer. Sync colors across text and images for unified designs, with the option to limit choices, ensuring a tailored and satisfying design journey.

Many Customization Options

Elevate your products with Fancy Product Designer’s advanced customization. Effortlessly upload images from social media or any device, and dive into extensive text and image transformation options. With custom fonts, color adjustments, and other design features create distinct, personalized items effortlessly.

Modular & Responsive

Fancy Product Designer revolutionizes customization with its modular approach, adapting to your specific needs. Enjoy full responsiveness on any device, comprehensive customization options, and easy translation into any language, setting a new standard for user-friendly, versatile design tools.

Powerful Admin

Versatile Product Backend

With Fancy Product Designer, effortlessly craft customizable products, adding multiple views for each product. Tailor every view with specific elements like images, texts, and upload zones. From simple, single-text modifications to complex, multi-layered designs, unlock the potential to create a wide range of customized offerings.

Streamlined Order Management

View and manage orders with customized products effortlessly in our order viewer. Edit orders or export them in various formats (PDF, JPEG, PNG) and sizes. Enhance efficiency with our professional extensions for automated print file exports, including direct import to Dropbox or AWS S3 for new orders

Tailor Your Design Interface

Customize your Product Designer’s interface to perfectly match your website and products. Adjust size, color, and position of elements or select from predefined layouts for optimal display. Choose how the designer appears—directly on the page or via a click, enhancing user interaction and design flow.

Intelligent Price Adjustments

Set dynamic pricing for your products with Fancy Product Designer, allowing different charges for materials, colors, texts, images, and graphics. Assign prices by layer, type, or product view, giving you the freedom to price designs uniquely—whether it’s for a special feature on the back of a shirt or a standard front design.

Supported Platforms


Use Product Designer in your WooCommerce store.


Use Product Designer in any post/page in WordPress.


Add Product Designer to your Shopify store.


Our free developer version for any website.

Most common questions

Can I use my own products?2024-02-28T11:22:03+00:00

Yes. Fancy Product Designer plugin can be applied to almost any type of product.

You can use it for a wide range of items including t-shirts, shoes, caps, phone cases, buttons, mouse mats, business cards, posters, greeting cards, bottles, mugs, and calendars.

This flexibility allows you to add your own products to the plugin and customize them according to your needs.

Is it possible to test the product designer prior to making a purchase?2024-02-28T11:44:11+00:00

For WordPress & WooCommerce users, we provide an online trial that allows you to configure your products. Additionally, you have the option to purchase the application and evaluate it for your specific business needs. Should it not meet your requirements, we offer a full refund within one week of purchase.

The Shopify version comes with a 14-days trial.


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