The most frequent questions that may be interesting for you before purchasing Fancy Product Designer.


What kind of image formats can I use?

You can use jpeg, png, and svg images. But each format is handled differently.

  • JPEG: No colorization is possible because jpeg does not support transparency. Applying a solid color to it, would convert the image in a rectangular color layer.
  • PNG: When you set a color for a png image, the users can change the color of it. If you do not set a color, the image will be added like it is in original.
  • SVG: The color of every path in the SVG can changed, either via color wheel or a predefined color list.

What kind of products can be used with this plugin?

Actually you can use it for any kind of product. You only need images (jpeg, png) of your products, which you have to arrange in the product designer.

Imagine your images as layers that can be stacked over each other and each layer can be adjusted with different options like position, color(s), price, angle etc.. This gives you the full power to handle each layer individually.

Currently you can build your products with images and set own text elements.

Is it possible to have only a range of colors the customers can choose from?

Yes. The product designer allows to enable the color picker as well as a color palette (range of colors). 

Is it possible to have more than one product in the designer?

Yes. You can have as many products as you want in a single Product Designer. You can even categorize your products.

Is it possible to have custom prices for image or text elements added by the customer?

Yes. The Product Designer has an extensive pricing system. You can have different prices for:

  • Custom added images
  • Custom added texts
  • For every image in your design library

Can I create my own product designs or can I only use the product designs in your demos?

Of course you can create your own product design! The demos should show the variety of product possibilities that you can use for the Product Designer.

Can the customers add own views(pages/canvas) and choose an own size for canvas?


The PLUS add-on includes a module called “Dynamic Views”. That allows to add and edit views. Here the customers can add own views by entering a dimension in MM, CM or INCHES or you can offer some predefined layouts your customers can choose from. Check out the demo!


Can I buy an extended license and include it in my item that I am going to sell on the envato marketplaces?

NO. I do not allow that.

Since the last license changes, you have to ask for the author permission first, if you would like to sell another envato item with your envato item.
More information about that, you can find here.

Can I switch to another license later?

No, this is not possible. If you need the extended license later or you would like to switch the platform license, you have to buy a new license.

Where can I download the latest version?

Just log into your envato(codecanyon, themeforest) account, go to the Downloads tab and download the item again. WordPress customers can install the Envato Market plugin and update all plugins from Codecanyon easily via the WordPress backend.

Do I need to pay extra for updates?

No. Once purchased, you will receive all updates for free.

Does it come with some demo content?

Yes. The WordPress/WooCommerce plugin has a feature to load some demo products directly via the admin. The jQuery plugin comes with an example as well.


Can I integrate that plugin in a different eCommerce solution, like ZenCart etc. ?

If you purchase the jQuery version, you can implement this plugin in your eCommerce site. But you need coding knowledge and should be familiar with the API of the eCommerce system.  I am not familiar with other eCommerce systems like woocommerce at the moment and can not help you integrating in other eCommerce solutions.

Does the jQuery version come with Shopping-System (Add-to-cart, checkout…)?

No. The jQuery version does not include any shopping-system functions like “Add-to-Cart” or “Checkout”. If you are looking for a solution with these features, I recommend to use the WordPress/WooCommerce version.


Can I use it without the WooCommerce plugin?

Yes! You can easily add the product designer to any post and page in WordPress.

Does it work with variations when using WooCommerce?

Yes. The variations can even interact with the Product Designer using my Multistep Product Configurator Plugin.

Can I disable pricing?

YES. Therefore we recommend to use the plugin with the delivered shortcodes, that allows to use the designer with simple form (name and email). If you want to create an advanced form with different form fields, you can easily connect the designer with Gravity Form, therefore you need the PLUS add-on.