Export Methods

Fancy Product Designer comes with a Basic Export, but can be upgraded to PRO Export easily.

Part of the Basis!


The Basic Export is part of the basis plugin without extra charges.

  • Export to PDF, PNG, JPEG or SVG
  • Bitmap Export of 72 DPI
  • Layered PDF
  • Exclude Layers From Export

Go Professional!



Create ready-to-print files

  • Export to PDF, PNG, JPEG or SVG
  • Bitmap Export in any DPI
  • Layered PDF with embedded fonts
  • Exclude Layers From Export
  • Define printing areas 
(Media Box, Bleeding Box)
  • Define any size for the exported printing area 
(e.g. A1, A2 or a custom size)

Automated Export Via Mail

As soon as you receive an order from a customer, the system  automatically sends the customized product as print-ready file to the Site Owner. It can also be sent automatically to the customer as soon as the order is paid.

Only available in WordPress/WooCommerce!

Printful Integration

Design & sell Printful products with Fancy Product Designer.
Fulfillment (Printing & Shipping) is done by Printful.


  1. Import Printful product in your WooCommerce store.
  2. Your customers can design the Printful product and order it in your store.
  3. After checkout all print files and customer details will be sent to Printful automatically.
  4. Review the order in your Printful store and confirm it.
  5. Printful will print & ship the product to your customer.

Only available in WooCommerce!

Store in Cloud

You can even store the print-ready file in a cloud provider like Dropbox or AWS S3, when an order is created.

Only available in WordPress/WooCommerce!

Getting PRO Export

Buy Export add-on for WordPress

The Export add-on for Fancy Product Designer is for all WordPress users that want to create print-ready files on their server. You do not need the ADMIN solution in order to get print-ready files. The add-on comes as a WordPress plugin!

Buy Add-on for 199€

Single Payment & Lifetime Updates


Subscribe to a plan in our ADMIN solution



Per Month

  • 5
    print-ready exports/month
  • Automated Export



Per Month

  • 25
    print-ready exports/month
  • Automated Export



Per Month

  • 100
    print-ready exports/month
  • Automated Export



Per Month

  • Unlimited
    print-ready exports/month
  • Automated Export

*  All plans can be terminated at any time. You can easily down- or upgrade the plan monthly without any additional fees. 

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