Effortlessly Customize and Sell Products on Shopify

Offer customizable products in your Shopify store, allowing customers to personalize their purchases for a unique shopping experience.

Shopify Features

Products & Variants

Load Fancy Product Designer configurations for individual Shopify products and assign unique designs to different variants, enhancing product customization.

Different Display Options

Choose where you want to display the Product Designer in the page. Replace the product imageopen in a modalshow after product title and many more.

Cart Integration

The app integrates seamlessly with Shopify’s shopping cart, displaying a customized product thumbnail for each cart item. Easily re-edit products directly from the cart for added convenience.

Dynamically Priced Products

Dynamically price products fully integrated with Shopify. The app calculates your product prices based on your customers’ customization choices.

Extensive Template Library

Get started quickly with a wide range of professional product templates. These allow you to set up a new store in just a few hours, streamlining the launch process.

Live Chat and Setup Support

Receive premium-level support on Shopify to set up the app and integrate it with your store. This service is ideal for professional sellers managing large order volumes, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation.