WooCommerce Bulk Variations

Make it easy for your customers to purchase multiple variations at once.
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User-friendly Dropdowns

Replace your standard dropdowns with searchable dropdowns. This means your customers won’t have any trouble navigating attribute terms – even when you have thousands .

Seamless integration
Bulk Variations integrates perfectly with WooCommerce settings so you and your customers can carry on without any interruptions.

Intelligent Checkout
Every variation will be added to the cart as its own item so that pricing calculations – including coupons and discount codes – are applied accurately.

Looks great with any theme
With a range of responsive layout options, the WooCommerce Bulk Variations form will fit into any theme and keep your website looking sleek and stylish

Working with Fancy Product Designer
The price of Fancy Product Designer is added automatically.

Easy Translation
Thanks to the translation plugin WPML, you’ll be able to translate frontend labels with ease.

Works on all devices
No matter what device you’re using, whether it’s a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Discount Rules NEW
Define own discount rules for every variation and display a table with all available discounts to the customers.


    Bulk Variations
    Enable bulk variations for straightforward products with multiple customization options.
    Bulk Variations
    Shopping Bag
    Give your customers more choice with Fancy Product Designer, compatible with bulk variations.
    Bulk Variations
    iPhone X (Bulk Variations)
    User-friendly interface allowing you to view your selections in one handy column.

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